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1. Narooma
2. Vert Shoes
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4. Flávia Amadeu Design
5. Insecta Shoes
6. Nature Bar
7. Ahimsa
8. Cacau Show
9. Nuancie
10. LEVH
11. - Produtos Naturais e Suplementos
12. Primo Suplementos
13. ThundersPets
14. Vegano
15. Tudo Saudável

Become an SOS Amazônia Partner

SOS Amazônia announces to Brazilian and foreign companies the intention to form partnerships to promote conservation actions in the Amazon.

Following the example of the institution's efforts in the last 31 years, the objective of these partnerships is to undertake initiatives that promote the conservation of biodiversity, the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions and the responsible use of natural resources.

The adopted strategy to achieve this goal is based on the development of projects that propose:

To reduce pressure on conservation units

To reduce deforestation of forest areas on private properties

To recover vegetation from permanent preservation areas, private areas and public lands

To encourage the agro-ecological transition and promote non-timber forest products

To protect endangered animal and plant species

Less generation of solid waste by urban and rural populations

Solid waste recycling and/or composting

Lower consumption and greater water reuse

Correct disposal of sewage from populations not assisted with a basic sanitation system

SOS Amazônia Partners

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