Help the Peoples of the Forest in the fight against Covid-19
How to change reality?
To protect the peoples of the forest, we need to keep them safe in their territories, with healthy food and hygiene items so they don't have to leave. Help to provide conditions for these communities, their organizations, their health professionals and allies to have security to face the pandemic with the strength of the forest.
Distribution of masks and sanitizers for families. Expansion of health care with the work of health professionals, in partnership with teams from the Indigenous Health Districts (IHDs) and the Unified Health System (UHS).
Purchase of essential food and hygiene products to strengthen food, nutrition and health security of these communities.
Communication campaigns directed at families based in Indigenous Lands, Extractive Reserves and riverside communities in the State of Acre, against the Coronavirus.

Food Security and Hygiene
With the strength of the forest

About the initiative
Our action aims to raise funds for the acquisition of essential items for the protection of these peoples with a kit containing basic and local food products, sanitizers and masks. We will also assist in the purchase of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as surgical masks, gloves, sanitizers, among others, for the safety of health workers and their patients. In addition to food products purchased in the local market, we will promote awareness campaigns using language aimed at traditional peoples.

With your support, 3,638 families residing in the Alto Juruá, Riozinho da Liberdade, Alto Tarauacá and Chico Mendes Reserves and 15 Indigenous Lands in Acre will benefit from this campaign.

Everyone is coming together to play their part in this health crisis, and the Forest Peoples Alliance encourages you to be part of it too!

About the Alliance
The Union of Peoples of the Forest is an alliance of indigenous peoples, quilombolas, riverside communities and extractivists (including rubber tappers and coconut breakers), founded in 1985 under the leadership of the environmentalist Chico Mendes, aiming to defend their territories from the action of loggers and land grabbers. In 2020, indigenous leaders and representatives of extractive communities came together to reactivate their common commitments: The defence of their cultures and territories. "The struggle of 40 years ago was for the recognition of the territory and, now, it is for us to preserve our legacy".

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Photos by: Paula Lima, Auricélia Vasconcelos, Sérgio Vale, José Carlos Meirelles