We are together for this new beginning.
Faced with this scenario, in the midst of the health crisis resulting from the coronavirus pandemic and the dengue outbreak, families in Acre are suffering from the effects of the floods. You can make a difference in their lives. To help alleviate the suffering, this campaign invites you to support 58 riverside families, residing in the lower Gregório River, municipality of Tarauacá, in Acre.

"[...] With 90% of the city affected by the flood, the Municipality of Tarauacá, in the interior of Acre, decreed a public calamity. [...] Source: G1 / Globo *.
Goal: R$ 40.000,00 in 40 days.
Help us to give relief to those in need.
We need your help. Donate. Share.
This campaign supports riverside families that live from family farming, mainly from the manufacture of flour, production of bananas and corn. With the floods, they lost their agricultural production, causing pain and fear of going through an even more difficult year, in the face of so many serious events.

«y donating to the Campaign for Lives, you help to minimize the damage caused by the floods with the following kits:
Cleaning and hygiene products for families with children and pregnant mothers.

1) Adult: Soap 90g, Toothpaste 90g, Toilet Paper (with 4 units), Shampoo 2 in 1, absorbent with 16 units, 70% alcohol and masks.

2) Infant: Diaper (M, G, XG), large talcum powder, porridge paste, powdered milk, infant soap, and infant shampoo 2 in 1.

3) Mommy-Baby: Diaper (RN and P), ointment for diaper rash, large talcum powder, children's soap, children's shampoo 2 in 1, absorbent with 16 units, shampoo 2 in 1 and soap 90g
Basic food baskets for at least two months for the 58 families.
* In addition to the transportation costs involved in the distribution of the kits.
Help to provide conditions so that these families can continue in the midst of the chaos of floods, dengue and the pandemic in Acre.
The Campaign for Lives was born with the objective of assisting non-profit organizations that are supporting families in situations of social vulnerability in the context of the pandemic, in all regions of Brazil. We have already passed through the South, Southeast, Northeast and, now, in the North Edition we are counting on you again. To learn more, follow us on Instagram @porvidascampanha.