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SOS Amazônia repudiates attacks in Brasilia

Photo: Eraldo Peres

SOS Amazonia repudiate the terrorist demonstration held at the Esplanade of Ministries, in Brasília, Sunday, January 8th. Equipped with stick and stones, radical supporters, adopting fascists practices worldwide fought by humanity, invaded and committed depredation of House of Congress, Presidential Palace, and Supreme Court. These invasions to the powers' headquarters with vandalism acts, mockery, and depreciation of building structures and artistic cultural Brazilian historical patrimony represents, especially, an aggression to democracy. 

SOS Amazonia recognizes the legitimacy of all and any political demonstration, as long as carried out in the field of ideas, in a peaceful, orderly manner, and with full respect for the Democratic Rule of Law. In front of the images that circulated trough out the internet and the news, it fits as questioning: what is the limit between freedom of speech and terrorism? 

The attack to the three powers, it is a result of a part of Bolsonaro’s supporters unsatisfaction that does not recognize the last presidential elections. The democratic rule, it is the only system that make possible social and consensus construction aiming of the ecological balance and economic development. 

Unfortunately, the majority of Brazilian society lives under injustice and discrimination. Although, it is not by the fascist regime that we are going to reduce inequalities. It is up to every citizen and institution, to contribute to the evolution and consolidation of Brazilian democracy and do not allow setbacks that point to totalitarian states. 

As an association of people in environmental defense, SOS Amazonia reiterates that nature conservancy, necessarily, depends on democratic acts. We will remain attentive and active, contributing with public policy that promotes end of social inequality and strengthen environmental and economical sustainability. 

Radical supporters of Jair Bolsonaro invade Brasília and ask for military intervention (Photo: Eraldo Peres)