Fight deforestation and fires.

How to transform reality

Together we are going to raise funds to act against deforestation and fires in the Amazon. We have to be tireless in taking care of our Forest, each one doing their part. Donate now and support our actions to protect human life, biodiversity and the lives of those who depend on the forest.

Four teams working to combat, monitor and raise awareness of fire activity in the Juruá and Acre River Basins.

Fire-fighting kits to supplement the work of the fire brigadiers and transport boxes for wild animals affected by the fire.

Awareness campaigns against deforestation and illegal fires; care and rescue procedures for affected fauna.

During the pandemic, the problem is even more delicate. Due to the smoke generated by the fires, the number of cases of people with respiratory problems may increase, which can cause a possible collapse of the Unified Health System (UHS).

Field action

Communication and mobilization

Together, we help protect the Amazon Rainforest

Together! In 2019, the Amazon Brigades project worked to combat, monitor and raise awareness of fire activity in 354 areas in the Juruá Basin, including the Alto Juruá Extractive Reserve, the Riozinho da Liberdade Extractive Reserve, the Mogno State Forest and the Rio Gregório State Forest, reaching the Juruá, Envira and Tarauacá rivers.

This year we are going to expand the work of the Amazon Brigades with actions in the Acre River Basin, the most historically deforested region in the State of Acre, which includes the Chico Mendes Extractive Reserve.

Protecting and restoring life on Earth is the key to our survival

What we experienced in 2019 remains intense and challenging. The Amazon Rainforest suffers serious threats regarding the loss of biodiversity. Its decisive role in the integrity of the terrestrial system provides a great warning signal for us to further strengthen our efforts to achieve zero deforestation.

The sixth mass extinction of species is a reality demanding Brazil's sustainable response, in order to guarantee zero deforestation or, at least, restore the limit of up to 3,900 km2 in line with the assumed responsibility of reducing global emissions resulting from the loss of vegetation cover by deforestation.

Protecting and restoring life on Earth is the key to our survival - the essence of the UN's 15th Sustainable Development Goal. It works to protect, restore and promote the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, manage forests sustainably, combat desertification, stop and reverse land degradation and loss of biodiversity.


During the manifestations that took place between June and September 2019, SOS Amazônia participated and supported the Empate pela Amazônia movement - in defence of forests and in partnership with the Chico Mendes Committee and various social movements.

Faced with attacks on Brazil's environmental policies by members of parliament and the federal government, we have seen an even greater loss of forest compared to last year.

If nothing changes, a study on the mass extinction of species published in the magazine of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States warns: about 500 species of terrestrial vertebrates will be extinct in the next two decades, bringing the number of total losses to what would naturally occur in 16 thousand years.

Corporate partnerships


Corporate partnerships

Our main objective is to protect the Amazon and defend the extractivists' cause by supporting traditional populations.

In addition to awareness campaigns, we develop projects, apply and implement public policies with a focus on disseminating models and practices for the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable development, initiatives that guide, on a daily basis, our duty to comply with the mission to "promote the conservation of biodiversity and the growth of environmental awareness in the Amazon ".
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